Sign Up for a California OSHA-Certified Operator Training

Operator training is something that many people think isn't necessary, but there is an analogy that might change their minds. You wouldn't give a sports car to someone who doesn't have a driver's license and has never driven a car. Would you let someone, who isn't trained, operate a crane that costs thousands? Although crane prices range from hundreds of dollars, to millions of dollars, this analogy shows how important operator training really is, and because of that fact, it is common sense to have anyone who is going to be using the crane to go through a Cal/OSHA mandatory operator training class given by a Cal/OSHA certified trainer. Trademark Hoist, Inc. has multiple certified trainers that can make sure the operators of your new investment won't damage themselves, others, the material they're lifting, your building, or the crane. Don't let incompetence in crane operation cost you thousands.