Service and Maintenance On Your Equipment

Trademark Hoist, Inc. can excellently perform the necessary services in order to keep your cranes and/or hoists working at their highest capability. Neglecting a crane or hoist system could mean serious problems with the usability of the system, as well as posing a danger to anyone that uses it. To avoid any complications or slowdowns, in your use of your crane or hoist, have a trained Trademark Hoist, Inc. technician inspect it to make sure it keeps running like new. Cal/OSHA requires inspections to be done quarterly, with one of them being an annual crane certification performed by a Cal/OSHA certified technician. The certificate from the annual certification must be present at the site of the crane with the signature of the technician and the date of the certification.

24 Hour Emergency Repairs

We truly understand how important cranes and hoists are to almost any business that has them. Because of their importance, we pride ourselves in having the ability to have a rapid response time no matter the time or the day. With round-the-clock phone monitoring, our customers can be positive that someone will answer their call. We also pride ourselves on our trouble call priority. If you encounter a serious problem, we will work with you in order to get our technicians out there as quickly as possible. Whether you depend on your crane to keep your business running, or if you don't want to go use a crane and have production held up because it doesn't work, Trademark Hoist, Inc. can make sure you are never let down by your lifting equipment.

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