Load Testing

Cal/OSHA law requires that any new, significantly changed/repaired, and/or moved crane and/or hoist system be load tested, and given a certification by a certified Cal/OSHA qualified technician, before first use. Cal/OSHA also specifies that any crane and/or hoist that has over a 3 ton load capacity be load tested every four years. Luckily, Trademark Hoist, Inc. can fulfill all of these needs for your cranes.

Trademark Hoist, Inc. has the certification to load test and certify your crane no matter the circumstances. The load tests can take place in shop, or out in the field, whichever is easier for you. What also makes Trademark Hoist, Inc. so special is that if there is a problem during load testing, we have the expertise to fix it and get your crane working properly.

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